Zac Surprenant

Creative Director

A passionate Creative Director focusing on an omni channel approach to content. Making videos across platforms and driving audiences to follow and engage with brands.
My focus is to create campaigns that expand the universe, and enhance a campaign across the vast number of social media channels now within reach.

Total Views: 300,000,000+


One of the biggest budgets for Jaden, we created a huge amount of assets for his album release.
The first ever marketing strategy by a musician, announcing an album on Instagram.
G-Star RAW
A video campaign created with the sustainability collection by Jaden Smith called Forces of Nature.
Years of work leading the charge as an in-house Creative Director. Creating a range of content.
A dream come true. Working on visuals to play at Coachella is an experience I will never forget.
Featured Tours
Jaden went on tour with a number of superstars, and I was fortunate to create the visuals for his show.


Creative Director

Managing creatives, properly setting up workflows, and dealing directly with clients for 7 years. I've helped grow departments from 2-18 full time working freelancers, and fostered integration between different departments. 


With 9 years of experience working as a freelancer, remote, in-house, and with a range of production companies - I created  National Spots, short form digital content, narrative projects, and stage visuals built for custom screens.

Brand & Marketing

Positioning in the marketplace is critical. I'm a quick study of the competition, and have grown from a background in a range of industries to understand how to stand out in any business. I have been a part of campaigns for billion dollar companies, and startups.

Director / VFX

I've had the pleasure of working closely with talented directors of all kinds. Whether it's a heavy VFX production with walls of green screen, or deep in nature capturing the wild, I have the experience to capture whatever my client is looking for.

Copy Writing

Finessing language is addicting. I've been writing video and print copy, and voice over for businesses, manufacturers, and influencers for over 6 years. Sometimes for serious marketing, other times spoofing it for a comedy short.


This is my favorite part of the process. It's one thing to build the project, it's another entirely to concept a strategy that will take full advantage of the content created for the campaign, and reuse it in a myriad of ways to enhance each campaign's awareness.


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