Zac Surprenant

Creative Director

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"People don’t want to be sold to. They want news and information about things they love."


With 7 years of experience as a Creative Director, and 9 years in Post Production. I've been creating marketing campaigns for billion dollar companies and small startups generating sales, and directly with influencers to create content generating over 300,000.000 views.
I am a passionate creative that leads by example with a hands on approach. I work alongside my teams to teach, inspire, and build the best work possible. I am a critical thinker and problem solver that takes a holistic approach to every project, making sure every aspect of it gets produced at the highest quality.
I created the first ever Instagram release of an album for a musician, and capitalized on that success to release an album only on Instagram to grow the audience and generate countless news articles to increase exposure.
I helped grow a creative team of two to a team of almost twenty at Skechers, with their first ever internal commercial team. There I produced over 50 Broadcast Commercials.
I have strong organizational skills, a deep knowledge of file codecs, and an understating of the entire post production pipeline. Creating a number of efficient workflows between different departments on servers as large as 318TB.
Over the years I've been fortunate to work with companies and artists I only ever dreamed of when I first moved to Los Angeles, and the way I've made that happen is by being able to do the work of ten people.






Creative Director.  Director.  DP.  Photographer.  Editor.  VFX.  Post Supervisor.  Project Management. Leadership.  Strategy.  Digital Marketing.  Email Marketing. Client Relations.  Copy Writing.

Adobe Creative Suite.  Premiere Pro.  Media Encoder.  After Effects.  Audition.  Photoshop.

DaVinci Resolve.  Cinema4D.  OBS.  Microsoft Office.  Pages.  Keynote.  

RED.  ARRI.  Hasselblad.  Panasonic.  Sony.  Canon.  Smartphones.

Broadcast.  Theatrical.  Live Events.  Digital.  All Social Media Platforms.

Slack.  Microsoft Teams.  Asana.  Zoom.  Google Drive.  HubSpot.


Creative Director | Marketing Director



Bennett is one of the largest independent manufacturers of corrugated packaging and displays used in the biggest retail and club stores nationally. Their customer base touches all industries, and requires knowledge not only of corrugated, but the marketing needs of each department. I oversaw and created all marketing used for Social Media, Direct Marketing, and key SEO placement for their services. 


  • Researched the B2B landscape to understand the packaging and display industry, as well as the customers they service.

  • Developed and created a video campaign to maximize SEO placement for 9/15 services and products they create.

  • Created direct email campaigns to send to customers in a range of industries.

  • Developed and created a social media campaign and posting strategy. Developing the guidelines of the language used in posting.

  • Increased online business from 1% to 5% within the first 3 months.

  • Conducted meetings with sales teams to update operating methods from traditional to a digital first approach.

  • Developed a new team designed to assist the Sales Department with lead generation.

  • Directed a brand new website to be created to refresh the brand.

  • Manage paid digital campaigns on social media platforms.



August Alsina | State of Emergency

Creative Director | Editor | Post Supervisor



After a 4-year hiatus, and with a new album release on the horizon, I helped concept and create a documentary series to promote the release of August’s new work. Originally conceived as a 2-episode project, I turned it into a 5-episode week long release leading up to the new album. This told his life story, and was critical in taking his audience along with him in a new musical direction.


  • Created the full length documentary series to help promote the upcoming album release.

  • Developed and executed the marketing strategy with social assets, and a posting strategy for the series.

  • Conducted interview shoots with prepared questions to create a cohesive story.

  • Generated 4-million views for the documentary series.



Jaden Smith | Roc Nation

Creative Director | 2nd Unit Director | VFX | Editor | Post Supervisor



From Jaden’s very first album, we have been making waves in his audience growth and listenership. My responsibilities included being hands on in post production and delivery of all videos, and creating music videos, social advertising, stage visuals for tours, and branded partnerships. This involved working with a number of different creatives, executives at different companies, and delivering work for a huge range of screens.


  • Created the first Instagram campaign strategy for an album’s release.

  • Developed and executed campaigns for 4 album releases on Instagram, and other Social Media platforms.

  • Developed workflows and naming conventions to archive projects and continually access them for marketing materials.

  • Developed and created campaigns to promote upcoming tour locations to drive audiences to purchase tickets.

  • Edited full length music videos generating over 200,000,000 views.

  • Worked as a 2nd Unit Director capturing stage visual assets to be used on future Tours.

  • Supervised VFX shoots on set, focusing on green screen and wire work.

  • Edited and delivered Stage Visuals for numerous custom screen sizes for over 60 events.

  • Coordinated with and oversaw the Concert Production team. Ensuring proper displaying of all visuals for 7 tours.



Jaden Smith | I Love You Restaurant

Creative Director | Editor | Post Supervisor



After a series of meetings with Jaden, I developed the marketing campaign used for the I Love You Restaurant. Focusing on Social Media we created a raw and realistic portrayal of the events, combined with a pop-up street brand style, to create a new and exciting non-profit. I developed the Patreon campaign to help move the brand into a full funded brand, driven by exclusivity and merchandise to excite the audience.


  • Developed and executed the campaign strategy for Social Media.

  • Grew the Instagram to over 100,00 followers.

  • Created the Patreon campaign and delivered to the WJSFF to completion.

  • Videography and Photography for 6 food donation events.

  • Created naming conventions and workflows to archive footage to re-use in a full length documentary.




Creative Director | Director | DP | Editor | Post Supervisor



On the outside Skechers looks like a monolithic brand, internally it’s made up of 12 different divisions with their own demographics and guidelines that need to be followed to keep them separate but united. I started as an editor in the newly created internal video department, and quickly grew into a Creative Director, managing multiple campaigns in a fast paced environment. I aided department growth from 2 to 18 full time freelancers and employees. My responsibilities included developing campaigns with the SVP of Creative, directing on set, and complete ownership of post production. 


  • Lead a high-performing post production team, responsible for cross-functional communications and workflows and effective exchange of project information.

  • Started the internal video department, growing it from 2 employees to 18 full time freelancers and employees working on year-round projects.

  • Developed and executed campaigns with the SVP of Creative.

  • Conducted meetings with VP’s of 12 different internal divisions.

  • Operated on set as the Director and DP of over 50 broadcast commercials.

  • Created the first campaign for a new division: Skecher Street.

  • Created BTS videos for Celebrity endorsement Social Media campaigns, including Ringo Starr, Camila Cabello, Demi Lovato, Sugar Ray Leonard, and more.

  • Worked on multiple campaigns simultaneously at different stages of production.

  • Managed scaled external partnerships, agencies and freelancers creative and production teams.

  • Converted campaign assets for 4 company owned NYC Times Square custom screen displays.

  • Created assets for and managed the internal office’s custom screen displays and TV’s, with over 40 screens to manage.

  • Created commercials in 6K, mastered in 4K, and delivered for broadcast and social in HD.

  • Developed workflows and naming conventions eliminate bottlenecks and reduce excess file space.

  • Experience working with a 318TB server.

  • Collaborated with the Print division to deliver high-res stills, and ensure campaign assets were in alignment.




Editor | VFX


  • Created branded content to be used in conjunction with existing marketing campaigns.

  • Worked directly with influencers to create viral videos on Social Media.

  • Worked on VFX production on numerous production.

  • Experience on set as DIT.

  • Create custom stage visuals for concerts.


Clients Include: Verizon, Ubisoft, Madonna, King Bachelor, Anna Akana, Mike Diva, Swell Investing, MSFTSRep, and more!






  • Developed a news channel for RedBull TV, creating numerous interviews, trailers, and more to be played on Broadcast.

  • Created and delivered 2x 30min documentaries for broadcast.

  • Worked within established brand guidelines to create all assets.

  • Worked within specific broadcast specs to deliver all projects.






  • Created show package assets for the first eSports tournament of Heroes of The Storm.

  • Created the show package assets for Blizzcon’s announcement of Star Craft II: Legacy of The Void.

  • Worked within established brand guidelines to create all assets.

  • Worked within specific delivery specs to deliver all projects.



Big Frame

Editor | VFX

2012 - 2013

  • Lead editor for 3 weekly web series shows.

  • Worked directly influencers to ensure brand cohesion with their personal channels.

  • Delivered assets to all Social Media platforms.

  • Helped concept new shows that were developed.


B.A. in Cinema Studies

Minor in Mass Communication

2011 | University of Central Florida