Creative Director

With 6 years of experience leading teams of up to 18, collaborating directly with executives, and working directly with clients - my work ranges from digital first campaigns to national and international commercials, and concert visuals.


G-Star RAW
A video campaign created with the sustainability collection by Jaden Smith called Forces of Nature.
Years of work leading the charge as an in-house Creative Director. Creating a range of content.
Camila Cabello
Creating Camila's Social Ad as a Brand Ambassador for Skechers was an exciting challenge.

Music Video

One of the biggest budgets for Jaden, we created a huge amount of assets for his album release.
SYRE: Electric
This was the first project we made Jaden float. We expanded what we learned from the first project.
The first project I created for Jaden. This was the first ever album release on Instagram.
The Sunset Tapes
A collection of music videos for the release of his EP.

Stage Visual

A dream come true. Working on visuals to play at Coachella is an experience I will never forget.
Featured Tours
Jaden went on tour with a number of superstars, and I was fortunate to create the visuals for his show.
TV Appearances
As Jaden's audience grew, he was able to secure performances on TV. I created and delivered the visuals.
This time I created and delivered visuals for an entire tour, not just one of the performers.


State of Emergency
A feature length documentary created in episodes and released alongside his new album.
I Love You Restaurant
A non-profit company created to give food to the homeless in DTLA. This was an important project.